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MR.FoG Vape Lab – 1 Vape 2 Flavors – Disposable Vape Device

The Mr. FoG Vape Lab is the ideal disposable electronic cigarette that offers an authentic smoking experience for new to experienced vapers. Our high-quality disposable vapes are designed and intended to be cleaner alternative to cigarettes, allowing consumers the option to vape tasty flavors discreetly, free of any nauseating odors. No more messy e-juice refills and costly vape mods and upgrades. Our disposable vapes are pre-filled, charged and easy-to-use. Simply open the package and begin vaping.

The newly designed Mr. FoG Vape Lab disposable vape features the finest salt nicotine that packs a five percent strength, a larger 6ml dual e-juice capacity and improved longer lasting battery (1000 mAh) delivering up to 2200 puffs.

The Mr. FoG Vape Lab offers the versatility of vaping two flavors in one disposable device, allowing vapers the option to choose between a crisp or sweet fruit flavors and cool menthol. The dual liquid container design inside the device keeps flavors separate and free of any flavor pollution. For a more flavor experience, simply inhale three puffs within two seconds to change the flavor. Once activated a green light provides ice flavor and red light provides a fruit ice flavor.

Get the Mr. FoG Vape Lab disposable device to enjoy dense clouds and unique double flavor experience!

Product features

Unique dual flavor design

One device, two premium flavors

Five percent nic strength

Long lasting 1000 mAh battery

Lasting up to 2200 puffs

6ml e-juice volume